Krugerrands are Liquid

Because a Krugerrand is gold bullion, Krugerrands can be easily exchanged for cash at the ruling spot dollar gold price.

A Stable Investment

Year after year, gold has shown positive growth and continues to outperform equity markets, which in turn means that Krugerrands have continually proven to be a solid investment. As a Krugerrand investor, you can also make the most of certain tax benefits. Krugerrands are exempt from Value Added Tax.

Buying and Selling is Easy

The price of a Krugerrand is directly linked to the ruling international spot gold price, Krugerrands are simple to buy and sell as you know exactly what price you should pay or get paid. You can verify the resale price of a Krugerrand by checking the current Gold Price.The spot gold price is quoted in US Dollars and is then converted at the current ruling Rand/Dollar exchange rate.

It’s Universal

The Krugerrand is the most popular and widely traded bullion coin in the international market. This means that wherever you are in the world, you can cash in on your investment within minutes.

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